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Export Problem of redacted document

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Dear all,


we have redacted an orginal file as pdf. This pdf includes pages oriented in vertical and orizontal way. When we try to export this file the output is the following: the pages in the orizontal way are truncated and printed in vertical way and we lose part of the document.

Could you please help us to find out a solution, in order to mantain the orizontal and vertical pages?


Many thanks.


Kind Regards.


Paolo Mariani

KPMG Advisory S.p.A. - Milan (Italy)

Email: pmariani@kpmg.it

Mobile: + 39 348 4518015

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Hello Paolo,


Can you try and see if the same problem occurs with Intella 1.8?


Note that 1.8 can open 1.7.x cases without any case conversion - but please make a copy of the case to be safe.

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