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Predictive Coding - Relevance Rank

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Hi everyone,
I would like to check if we can use the Predictive Coding feature to run secundary workflows based on the relevance rank? The ideia is to leverage the knowledge of an existing review and apply to against an additional set of data. To make it happens, we have to know the field where Intella stores the relevance rank (% of confidence by records/entry level)?
Thank you!
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Hi Juliana,

If your goal is to use existing responsiveness designation to kick-start the learning process of a Predictive Coding algorithm, then this is certainly possible. As an example: if you already have 1000 items coded as responsive/non-responsive and you wish to create a new PC workflow for a different set of items, say 400, then what you can do is to select all 400 items plus a reasonable chunk of already coded items (ex. 10 responsive and 10 non-responsive) and create new PC review. Intella Connect will build a model for those 420 items and train the model based on the 20 items you already have coded. The result will be a model which should already better differentiate between responsive and non-responsive items for the new data.

The relevancy score is not yet a separate field/column that you could see in items table or export, but we are planning to add it soon.

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