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Found 1 result

  1. Following the over-whelming feedback from our user community we have the following two feature requests: (simple) Have the previewer display calendar entries in a consistent and human readable form. The mere display of the attribute-value pairs of calendar documents is causing confusion and is indeed hard to read. This is particularly true for iCal and Notes calendar entries. (less simple) Add a view (e.g. as an alternative or variation of the cluster map) that allows the search results to be displayed on a timeline. This could be done, for instance, using easily switchable views that show the year, a month, a week or a single day (drill-down). Calendar entries should be shown as in normal outlook or Notes calendars other items should be shown as 'events'. The user should be able to choose the timestamps that are used to determine the items that are displayed on a given timeframe, i.e., calendar page should be selectable by the user. It should be possible to select multiple dates (e.g. creation, last modified etc.). Maybe items could be shown in a different color depending on whether it was the creation date, last modified or meeting start date etc. that caused the item to be displayed. When there are more items identified than can be displayed individually on the view, they should be summarized (e.g. similar to the clustermap bubbles). It should be possible to zoom in (e.g. from month-view down to day-view). I hope you'll find these suggestions useful. Many thanks! Dominique
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