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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, I have been using Intella for about a year now, as part of a massive project at my organisation. One of the things that we have enabled is the "Custom ID" feature, which has been really helpful to match items between cases. However, we can't seem to search by Custom ID in either of the cases. Can anyone advise how it would be possible to search for items via this ID? I have tried via the Text Search, but this doesn't seem to work (we have all available options selected within the Text Search field scope). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers! James
  2. Hello! I'm working on a privilege keyword search for a client. The client has requested that I search for emails to/from their attorney. This part is easy enough to implement. Here's the hard part: The client has requested that I exclude items in which privilege may have been waived by CCing another person. In other words, if the client communicated with their attorney but also CCed someone else, we don't want that search result to be returned. Ideally, it would be great to craft a search something like this: (from:attorney@lawfirm.com OR to:attorney@lawfirm.com) AND NOT cc:[anyone other than attorney@lawfirm.com] Of course, that's not a valid search, and I don't think that such functionality exists. The only way I think this can be done in Intella is as follows: Run the basic search: (from:attorney@lawfirm.com OR to:attorney@lawfirm.com) and select the resulting bubble Review the Email Addresses Facet and look for any CC (or possibly other) addresses OTHER THAN attorney@lawfirm.com Remove these items from the results I believe the above should work, but I'd love to know if there is a better way to do this. Thank you! Bryan
  3. Greetings, Many apologies if this has been addressed before. I'm trying to do a search on [space]PR[space]. Currently my searches bring up hits on President, apr, process, etc. I tried searching on " PR ", also tried searching on PR and doing an exclude on *PR* and $PR$. None of these attempts appears to have worked; the number of results is the same. I'm sure there must be a way to include spaces and isolate two or fewer letters in the search. Thanks in advance for any assistance! Jenny Blaine Security Analyst University of Minnesota
  4. I'm using a keyword that is using a proximity search. Basically, I want to see the first name within so many words of the last name. The search syntax I use is: "firstname lastname"~5 Intella correctly highlights instances where the text is depicted as: "Ms firstname lastname" However, Intella also highlights the first and last names shown in an email address, i.e., the entire email address is highlighted as a search hit: "firstname.lastname@abc.com" Actually, the email addresses get highlighted as a search hit irrespective of the proximity search. In other words the search phrase "firstname lastname" returns a search hit on the email address shown above. Why is Intella highlighting the email address as a separate hit under these conditions? Is there anyway to exclude the emails from appearing as search hits when using proximity or phrase searches? Please advise. This is critical in a project I'm currently working on. Thanks. Best regards, Phil
  5. I'm searching for a Mr Bradly-Jones in intella but "Bradly-Jones" even when in quotes treats the search as Bradly AND Jones. After looking at the manual I've also tried Bradly\-Jones and Bradly?Jones but all seem to return the two names separately. These are in both email addresses and documents Any ideas? Best Regards, Jason
  6. Perhaps I am overlooking something but is there a way in Intella to perform a complex boolean search such as: (red OR blue OR green) w/10 (orange OR pink OR yellow) ? I realize the "combine queries" in the keyword list function performs a basic OR operation for the entire list, but I need to group two sets of terms and proximity search the content of the two groups.
  7. I am a relatively inexperienced user but I am glad to say from my experiences to date that I hope to be using Intella much more in the future. For future reference I would like some advice as to how to best achieve results from these circumstances. We have had a review team viewing material and searching via an evolving set of keywords. As they are reviewing data, based on the result of a particular keyword, they are tagging the files based on their relevance or not. At the end we have been asked to output the tagged relevant material in original and pdf format with a csv report, which is no problem. The problem comes as they also want to know what keywords are in those files. The only way my predecessor and I have been able to achieve this to date is to use a third-party tool to index and search the files in the original format folders and report as a csv. We have then used VLOOKUP in Excel to merge the results of the two csv outputs. This has worked but it is not flawless due to the sometimes differing format of file names, particular with email content. It is all done on this case but it would be helpful to me to know how to set this up best before starting in the future. Thanks in anticipation Jerry W
  8. I have 20 PST containers exported from an Exchange Server. I want to search all of them for a fairly large list of keywords. I do not see any indication if the search is running or not. I selected all PST containers, added the keyword list and then clicked on search. Is there a way to tell if the search has started?
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