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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Experts, I have to export relevant data from Intella into PST format. The challenge is I want to split the export into multiple parts based on either by size (~1 GB) or by file count 2000 items per export. Has anyone encounters such situation or is there any workaround? PS: Can be a repetitive question
  2. Information can be found under: https://support.vound-software.com/#knowledge_base/1/locale/en-us/answer/68
  3. Why when I search “Name” and “sent items” for the date range 1 December 2014 to 7 January 2015 does Intella display in the list of search results 20 odd entries with type “Contact (from pst)” all dated 7 January 2015 and timed between 3.37pm and 3.46pm? Does this indicate that these Contacts were sent somewhere or opened on that date. The reason I ask is because the date in question happens to be the users last day of employment. I am wondering, therefore, whether he might have forwarded some of his client contacts or copied them down before he left, or whether there is some other innocent explanation. Thank you Richard
  4. I realize that when processing multiple PSTs we can process them all together by telling Intella to process the contents of a folder. But quite frequently, we get a bunch of PSTs from a client and they then tell us to only process a few of them (they may later come back and ask us to process some more). Unfortunately, when you add a PST/OST to Intella for processing, you can only add one file at a time. It would be great if Intella would allow us to select multiple PST/OSTs from the same folder, by selecting multiple files, either when holding the Ctrl key to select different files one at a time that that not in order or by holding the Shift key to select the first and the last file in a given order. This is a standard Windows API, so I'm not sure why Intella doesn't behave accordingly. Can you please consider adding this feature soon? I've been meaning to post this request many a time before, but keep on forgetting about it. Please let me know.
  5. I have a request from some users who are exporting results. They are looking for a solution to the deeply nested folders they have to traverse to get to the single email they downloaded. I remember that Intella 250 allows me to decide if I keep the nested locations or to choose whether to put all the exports in one flat folder. I think they are looking for this solution. Actually they asked for PST output, but I think they would settle for the flat export. Please let me know if that can be done today or if its coming. Thanks
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