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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Experts, I have to export relevant data from Intella into PST format. The challenge is I want to split the export into multiple parts based on either by size (~1 GB) or by file count 2000 items per export. Has anyone encounters such situation or is there any workaround? PS: Can be a repetitive question
  2. Introduction: This post provides information in regards to troubleshooting issues with Intella and Connect. The information is split into categories to make navigation to the topic, which matches your issue, easier to find. You may have been pointed to this post from the Vound support team. If that is the case, they likely require some information from your Intella/Connect case, or your system. Use this checklist to gather the information required, then provide it to the support team. 1. Intella log files & Exception reports Case logs: Each Intella case has its own set of lo
  3. Why when I search “Name” and “sent items” for the date range 1 December 2014 to 7 January 2015 does Intella display in the list of search results 20 odd entries with type “Contact (from pst)” all dated 7 January 2015 and timed between 3.37pm and 3.46pm? Does this indicate that these Contacts were sent somewhere or opened on that date. The reason I ask is because the date in question happens to be the users last day of employment. I am wondering, therefore, whether he might have forwarded some of his client contacts or copied them down before he left, or whether there is some other innocent
  4. I realize that when processing multiple PSTs we can process them all together by telling Intella to process the contents of a folder. But quite frequently, we get a bunch of PSTs from a client and they then tell us to only process a few of them (they may later come back and ask us to process some more). Unfortunately, when you add a PST/OST to Intella for processing, you can only add one file at a time. It would be great if Intella would allow us to select multiple PST/OSTs from the same folder, by selecting multiple files, either when holding the Ctrl key to select different files one at
  5. I have a request from some users who are exporting results. They are looking for a solution to the deeply nested folders they have to traverse to get to the single email they downloaded. I remember that Intella 250 allows me to decide if I keep the nested locations or to choose whether to put all the exports in one flat folder. I think they are looking for this solution. Actually they asked for PST output, but I think they would settle for the flat export. Please let me know if that can be done today or if its coming. Thanks
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