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Found 3 results

  1. I have been attempting to re-export a data set - around 250 documents - using the Load File format and into a single-page tif image output. The first export went as expected and the 250 items were assigned bates numbers, each page exported to a file, and then saved to an export set "Export Set A." When I adjust the tifs that were previously exported, mainly change what metadata is displayed in the exported tif of the item, and go to export them again, I run into my issue. When exporting out the single-page tifs using the Export Set A naming scheme in Advanced File Naming section, it appears as though the pages are exporting from Intella, but each page of a document is being assigned the same name and overwriting the previous page. For example, "DOC00001.doc" has 10 pages and was originally exported to 10 files, DOC00001.tif through DOC000010.tif, as expected. However, when I go to re-export using the created export set as the naming scheme, I end up with only 1 file, DOC00001.tif, but the tif is actually of the final page of the document. It looks like the first page was overwritten by the second, then the third, etc., because all 10 pages appear to be exported as "DOC00001.tif." I can provide more information if necessary. I have confirmed that I have the single page tif option selected (I used the same export template for both exports, so the exact same export settings were used). Any insight into how I can use an export set to re-export to single page tif would be much appreciated.
  2. Hi, I have a case set up and the dates are English (british). I am trying to create a load file where the dates/time reflect this. Within the load file options i have selected the custom dates and set the up to reflect british time/date DD/MM/YYYY however the load file still outputs MM/DD/YYYY how do i change this so the load file dates are in DD/MM/YYYY
  3. Dear Team, I must congratulate the Intella team for Intella Connect 1.8 and hope to see more features in coming years. This is a basic fundamental question and I will really appreciate if our forum members share their views on it. On a RAID 5 configuration system (1 GB RAID Controller Card) having SSD drives (samsung), eight core process (X64 Built - XEON), 64 GB ECC DIMM and Intel Chipset 602: 1. How do i maximise the benefits of an Optimization Folder? 2. Does the minimum requirement of independent hard disk for Optimization folder applicable on a RAID 5 configuration? With the above mentioned configuration, I tried to export a load file (Relativity) for a case size of 432 GB. During the export of Load File, there are no other application running on the Intella Server. Based on the Intella User Guide manual 1.8, I made necessary changes in the Intella Configuration files and affixed a dedicated 24 GB RAM. Observation: During exporting as a Load File ( Relativity) the amount of time for 5000 export items is approximately 26 Hours. PDF and Image Rendering : Enabled (Image DPI : 200) (Output : TIFF) Meta Data: Enabled Both Original Or Extracted is selected Now: Is there a way of reducing the time for exporting remaining 43000 entries ? (Intella mentions 8 Days to export it) Workaround*: The remaining 43000 entries is exported in 8 hours!! During exporting of the 43000 entries, following steps were taken: PDF and Image Rendering : Disabled Meta Data: Disabled Only extracted is selected * This is specifically based on client to client requirement and not a generic step to be followed. I hope to see your views on the forum. Thank You Rishabha
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