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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all: I am re-visiting a sore spot related to the export of mail items as handled by Intella when original format is selected. The items are exported as .eml file types, which as I understand was a common format when the Outlook Express application was readily used and available. However, all attempts to find a simple, preferably free tool, to provide to clients and/or use myself to view the output .eml files has run into one snag or another. I have tried the following with various problems (inability to load large file groups, won't open attachments, annoying adware, random crashes, etc.) Kernel EML Viewer, Free EML File Viewer, EML Reader. Please share with me any solutions you have found to this issue be it free or pay. Thank you!
  2. Gmail sends out custom MBOX files as a response to a 2703(d) court orders. These MBOX files can be formatted in a non-standard way, which may cause issues when indexing with Intella. To remedy this, we have created a free utility to split a 2703d MBOX dump into a set of separate *.eml files. These files can then be indexed in Intella and reviewed in a much more efficient way. This utility is free of charge and available for download in our Knowledge base (see link down below). http://support.vound-software.com/Default/Knowledgebase/Article/View/182/79/custom-mbox-splitter---free-utility-for-2703d-gmail-dumps Kind regards, Łukasz Bachman
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