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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! My apologies if this has already been address, but I could not find it through search. I am dealing with MST Exchange emails. The emails contain a mix of standard SMTP email address as well as Exchange X.400-style addresses. De-duplication becomes a big problem here. Emails that are otherwise identical have different message hashes when one email has the SMTP address and another email has an X-400-style address. Is there any way currently to de-duplicate these? I know that as of the latest version of Intella, you can configure Message Hash to ignore certain attributes (including headers and recipients). This should work, but I'd really like to have more fine-tuned control than this. Ideally, it would be amazing if Intella could intelligently recognize that two emails are identical even if they use a mix of SMTP and X.400-style addresses. From my experience, this issue is very common in dealing with Exchange exports. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Bryan
  2. Hi! I know that Intella has "Show Duplicates" functionality, but this only seems to work for a single item. In many case, I'd like to be able to select a group of items and then see those items and all of their duplicates. Is there any current way to do this easily in Intella? I currently use the following workaround: I select the group of items, select "Add Tags", and then use the tagging option to apply the tag duplicates. This works, but it is not convenient. It also leaves me with a tag that I frequently need to go delete afterward. Thank you so much! Bryan
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