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  1. Hi, I currently have a matter which is shared out using Intella Connect 2.2. This particular matter has a range of spreadsheets across multiple sources. Each of these spreadsheets has a reference number column in which the content takes the form of a combination of letters and numbers (e.g JR-0000). I can see in the Contents and Preview Tab of a spreadsheet that the required reference number is present, however, when I copy and paste the reference number out of the content tab and then conduct a search across the whole data set, I do not find any responsive files. I have tried
  2. Hi, I currently have a matter, where the client has a tagging structure where they are applying subtags for relevance and privilege. See structure below: Parent Tag - Relevance Sub Tags - Relevant, Not Relevant, Unsure Parent Tag - Privilege Sub Tags - Not Privileged, Privileged, Unsure The coding layout out is set to ensure that all users must tag an item with a subtag of relevance and privilege this is done by using the Required Option on the hierarchy of relevance and privilege. However, if the document is said to be not relevant then the users are finding it
  3. Hi Everyone, I was just wondering whether or not this feature has been implemented yet, I can see this chain of comms was from Feb 2017 so i'm guessing it has but I struggling to find it. I have a similar Issue to emilyvforrest where a client has reviewed a batch and would consequently like to amend some of the tags applied to the documents. However, due to this batch being already completed it has now changed to Read-only. From the above, I understand there are ways around this such as the query for Items but it would be more beneficial for the batch to be reopened as previously discuss
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