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  1. Hi. I'm aware that Intella v2.2+ allows users to export all items as text files using the -exportText parameter. Is there a way to add a further parameter prior to this so that only text of a specific language is exported? For example, I may have a case with 10,000,000 text items but only 5000 are Spanish and I want to selectively export these 5000 using -exportText and translate them using a third-party provider. Is it possible to add this extra layer specifying a language before running -exportText? Thanks
  2. Hi all. I'm currently processing a Cellebrite UFED .ufdr file and the number counts are different (less chats and no SMS showing in Intella compared to the .ufdr report). Nonetheless, Intella has also created a 'tagged files' directory (screenshot attached). This appears to contain the raw data such as the sms.db etc. I don't seem to be able to find any more information on the 'tagged files' directory and why this is created for some .ufdr files but not others. Any suggestions?
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