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  1. If I am right, it is only possible to use this very nice feature with pre defined keyword lists or saved searches. It would be great to see all keywords that were used within the investigation. If this is not an option, it would be nice if it is possible to hit some button to list all the used keywords (collected search history). That list could then be saved as a keyword list to import within the Keyword TAB. Regards, Hans
  2. Automated pre-processing for OCR output I don’t know if something like this is already possible, but I think it would be nice to have an automated export of files that should be ocr-red, if the user sets this feature to ‘yes’. Filtering the right PDF files (filter:type = pdf document --> features = empty documents --> auto tagging: OCR-export-pdf --> export tot \case\OCR-export-pdf) Filtering the right tif(f) files (path:*.tif OR *.tiff --> search --> filter: type = images --> auto tagging: OCR-export-tif --> export tot \case\OCR-export-tif) When this is done during case indexing/processing it will speed up the total processing time needed. Regards, Hans
  3. Hello Admin, I overlooked that information. Thanx for pointing me to it. Regards, Hans
  4. Hello Jon, Thanx for the input. This is however not the answer I was looking for. Before indexing you can check some boxes to choose the items you want to be indexed. (for example; 'index mail archives', 'index chat messages', 'index browser history') I am looking for a (log) file where I can see what items were checked or not after indexing has finished. Regards, Hans
  5. In intella 1.9.1: Were can I find an overview of the items that were checked or not befor indexing? Regards Hans
  6. Hello Andrej, Searching for just the symbol is not possible as far as I know. In our language it is mormal that you put a space between te currency symbol and the amount. That makes it hard to find. Kind regards, Hans
  7. We would like to search for message text that holds currency symbols and currency words. This feature will be very usefull because one can find on an easy way all messages that are money related. Examples: EUR USD AUD GPB € $ £ Searching for the text is not the problem, but searching for symbols is not possible. This would have impact for indexing, but maybe it is an idea to let the user define what symbols he wants to be indexed in a particular case? (like the possibiities within FTK)
  8. I think the OCR Export and Import feature with the md5 hash as file names is a good one, and also usefull for graphical images. In several cases scanned documents are very important. As said, pdf and Tiff formatted files, contain text in most cases. So doing OCR is not the question (you should do this always in my opinion). JPG is also a file format that is used for scanning output. OCRing all the pictures in a case won't work, because of the very time consuming process. We do a little handwork by exporting all the images (except tiff, because we already do Tiff in our main process) and name them by the md5 hash (same as OCR export). After exporting we do a manual analysis by viewing the images in a thumbnail view, with f.i. Microsoft Office Picture Manager or Acdsee, IrfanView and others. First sort the pictures on the file size. Smaller files are mostly not scanned documents. Now scroll trough all the pictures and move ‘white pictures with black lines on it’ to another folder. When this job is done, we OCR these files and import all the OCRed ‘white files’ by using the “Import OCRed Files” option within Intella. While importing, get a cup of coffee and give your eyes some rest Analysing the pictures by viewing them is time consuming but it can be very valuable. We had a case in a foreign country. We used Intella and indexed a large pst-file. We did not have an OCR-tool on the laptop, but by using the thumbnail-view we discovered a whole bunch of very important scanned documents (jpg and pdf). Keyword searching is not always necessary to find your evidence. Regards, Hans
  9. Hello Christiaan, Can you please send me a link for 1.8 beta 2? Thnx.
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