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  1. Hi, I see in the recent press releases for Intella 1.7 that Intella Connect is a major headliner. Does that mean it's included in 1.7 now or is the latest version still Connect beta2? EDIT: Please do not post the direct link to the installer. They are on the support portal and must only be downloaded by a person with a valid account..
  2. Is there a link to where I can download this? The link provided seems to be broken. Thanks,
  3. Thanks for the prompt reply, Chris. I've got one other question: will the ability to limit the amount of data that is shown to the user come to light in the future? Love it so far!
  4. First off, this product is fantastic; nice work. I did have one quick issue for which I can't seem to find a workaround: is there a way to save keyword search queries like in the desktop version? Usually, I would right click the top right search box and select "save queries" to get a CSV of the hit counts for each keyword. A client wanted to do this, but I cannot find if that functionality is included. Again, this product is great. Saves lots of time. Regards,
  5. I'd be interested in testing this as well. Intella has been great thus far!
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