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  1. Is there a way to change the initial login to be a separate page as opposed to a pop-up window? Specifically, could users go to port 9999, be shown a login screen, and then get the list of cases available to them based on the authentication? Alternatively, are there plans to add domain users (LDAP/Active Directory) instead of creating individual users? I think either of those would mitigate the problem I'm currently having...
  2. I'm currently running test cases from my local machine and sharing them out that way, but before Intella Connect could go into production, I'd much rather have it on a robust VM on a server that others could add cases and share cases from. I am currently unable to pass the normal USB dongles through to VMs, so is Intella Connect licensing available over a network dongle? How would that work with the (pardon the pun) connected aspect that is required for sharing cases across a network? Would I just have to make sure that nobody else has claimed that license before starting up the server/sharing cases?
  3. I would be very interested in beta testing this as well, if there are still slots available...
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