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  1. In terms of functionality, Beta 1 is amazing. Remote connection on 25/5mbps connecting to my office 100/50mbps was nearly flawless in terms of speed. Even previewing native files. Here's some of the bugs I've noticed... 1. not being able to run the server from a VM or a RDM connection is huge. 2. previewing search results after about an hour using "next", will eventually result in a missing green arrow and the inability to do anything more within the case. Exiting, and logging back in does nothing. Must close IC and restart the server and reshare. 3. Random "Error Response Code 400" - again, have to close IC, restart, and reshare.
  2. Thanks Ɓukasz, Incognito mode works great. Can't wait to see what comes of Beta 2.
  3. As a secondary issue, the IP address grabbed when sharing is activated seems rather random. It automatically assigns one of my secondary IP addresses (assign to VM Workstation adapters).
  4. I got it installed, launched for the first time, using the default password admin/admin. Closed the admin panel (didn't share or change anything), opened again and can't get past the "authentication required". doesn't seem to accept admin/admin any longer. Uninstalled, reinstalled - still no joy. UPDATE: Tried on a second machine. Same problem. Running 1.6.4 x64 Windows 7.
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