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  1. I have two Azure VM's which are hosting both Intella Connect (v2.4) and Intella Node on Windows 2016. I have a physical desktop Windows 10 machine that is running Intella Connect as a service and is hosting the license dongle. I have attempted to start the service (IntellaConnectService) using my domain service account, but I receive an Error 1069: The service did not start due to a logon failure. I do use the right password and domain service account. So I start the IntellaConnectService as a Local System Log On. However, the service does not stay running properly and has to be restarted. This is painful in that I am not in the office on a daily basis. I had the service running and able to run Intella Connect yesterday; however, today, it appears the service has stopped and Intella Connect is asking for the license again. What am I missing? UPDATE: I think I may have figured it out. Maybe! I had the dongle in a USB3 Superspeed port on the desktop. I know in the past I have had issues with other license dongles with USB3 ports. I moved it to a USB2 port and restarted the machine and Intella Connect from another machine can now see the License.
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