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  1. I have the need to create a metadata report of .DOCX files that each individually contain an embedded/inserted Excel table. In this case, each of these Excel tables contains its own set of metadata that also needs to be reported. Intella lists these Excel tables (in list view) as separate .XLS spreadsheets and indicates them as attached to a parent file (much like an email); so one .DOCX really consists of the two separate files (.DOCX & an embedded .XLS). When I create a metadata report for an email with an attachment, it will show the parent email w/ content and metadata as well as its child attachment w/ content and respective metadata all in a contiguous manner. I would like to do the same here, but the same reporting does not appear to work for document files w/ "attached" or child files embedded within. Is this something where I would have to create a full metadata report of each item individually and then manually merge parent file PDF pages with its direct child PDF pages?
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