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  2. Thanks Jon, I'll take a look at these options as well - the less downtime the better. I need to decide on hardware now, possibly go with a gigabyte motherboard as I've had issues with Asus boards in the past.
  3. Hi fuzed, You will probably want to use RAID 1 or 5 if you want some kind of redundancy. Connect can be setup to run as a service on desktop or server versions of Windows.
  4. thanks for the reply, and apologies for the delay in responding. I'll possibly look at an AMD build for the next machine, as it needs to be a solid setup without constant shut downs and updates. If I go raid I'll possibly just do a RAID 0 so there's some redundancy should anything go wrong. Do we know if Intella can be installed on Windows Server now? or is it still Win 10? I've never for some reason been able to get Intella to run as service on the Windows 10 box, it's always been problematic - possibly something I've done wrong, but with a server OS i thought it may fair better.
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  6. Using Recipes in W4 to Streamline Case Review 18 August, 2020 | Online If one-click case configuration and pre-loaded searches sound like something you need from your triage software, we have a solution for you. Recipes is a new feature in W4 that will allow you to explore common case types using the click of a single button. Join us to learn how to use W4's pre-configured recipes for the jobs you want done now, and how to whip up your own custom recipes for those cases that need a little extra. Time: 1:30 pm EST Presenter: Mel Ortiz with Vound Software Location: Live, online, instructor-led session Cost: Free Register Now >
  7. Would like to be involved in this beta, thanks.
  8. We have recently had some customers report an issue when Installing Intella, Connect or W4. The issue is that the Intella/Connect/W4 install process crashes, and in some cases, it can cause the system to blue screen. This issue has occurred after the user has updated to the new Windows 10 19041, or 2004 version. It appears that the new Windows updates have some type of conflict with the Sentinel Hasp drivers used in our products. We don't know if this issue occurs with every system that has been updated to 19041 or 2004. But, we do know that the users who experienced this issue have updated to version these Windows versions. We also know that this issue occurs at the last stage of the install process, which is when the Hasp drivers (required for dongle access and licensing) are being installed. In these cases, the installation of Intella/Connect/W4 will generally be installed correctly, and the only issue is that the Hasp drivers were not installed properly. We always include the latest Hasp drivers with each release for our products. In this case the Windows updates have conflicts with the Hasp drivers in our latest releases. If you are experiencing this issue, you will need to manually download and install the latest Hasp drivers to resolve the issue. The steps below guide you through downloading and installing the latest Hasp drivers: 1. Go to the following link. https://supportportal.gemalto.com/csm?sys_kb_id=979a4e21db92e78cfe0aff3dbf9619c6&id=kb_article_view&sysparm_rank=7&sysparm_tsqueryId=4ad5b82e1bfc5410f12064606e4bcb15&sysparm_article=KB0018319 2. Click on the DOW0003346 link on this page. 3. Read through the license agreement and click on the 'I accept' button (if you accept the terms). 4. Save the Sentinel_LDK_Run-time_cmd_line.zip file to your system, then extract the haspdinst.exe file from the zip file to your desktop. 5. Temporarily disable any security software you have running on the system. 6. Open a Command Prompt (as an administrator) by searching for cmd.exe, then right clicking on the program and selecting the 'Run as administrator' option. 7. Change to the desktop directory by typing cd %UserProfile%\Desktop in the command window, then pressing enter on the keyboard. 8. Once in that directory, run the following command to remove the existing Hasp drivers. a. haspdinst -fr -kp -purge You should receive an ‘Operation successfully completed’ message. Press ‘OK’. b. Now install the new Hasp drivers by typing haspdinst -i Again, you should receive an ‘Operation successfully completed’ message if the process ran correctly. Press ‘OK’ and close the command window. 9. The new Hasp drivers will now be installed on your system. You can check this by opening a web browser and typing this link into the address bar. http://localhost:1947/_int_/about.html The Admin Control Center will report the version of the run-time installer loaded on the system. In this case the new run-time is version 8.11. 10. Now you can install Intella/Connect/W4. When it gets to the point where it installs a Hasp driver, it will detect that a newer driver is already installed on your system, and it will skip installing the bundled version.
  9. I have several thousand keyword hits and I like how the details pane in list view will give you the contents of the search hit and surrounding text. Why can't this view be copied out? I want a document that contains the path and search hit highlighted in surrounding text. Thank you
  10. Using OCR Technology in Your Investigations 4 August, 2020 | Online Optical character recognition (OCR) is used to convert text in images or scanned documents into editable text that can be searched. In this webinar we will look at the benefits of using OCR technology in your investigations. You can view the full video recording below:
  11. Working with Custom Columns in Intella Intella supports custom columns. This means that if Intella does not make a column of a specific field by default, you have the flexibility to make your own custom column and populate it with the field data. Also, custom columns can be created when importing load files. Some load files will contain fields or columns that are not in Intella. The custom columns feature allows you to ingest all of the load files into your Intella case. You can view the full video recording below:
  12. Triage with W4 Some cases come with a lot of digital evidence to examine and limited time and resources to examine them. When this happens, you may need to conduct a triage of the evidence items to make sure you prioritize those with the most valuable evidence to your case. This webinar will teach you how to use the newest triage feature in W4 to assist you with making the best use of your time during these high pressure situations.
  13. Hi, We have a number of training courses from beginner to advanced levels. More information regarding training can be seen on our website. https://www.vound-software.com/support#training
  14. asked the same question, was told it was a fresh install of chrome and no ad blockers - I actually use ad blockers on my browsers and Intella works fine with chrome.
  15. Hi Any popup blockers or cookie blockers?
  16. I've had a customer call and say she can't see the circles in the results view after searching, and has tried two browsers - chrome and edge, but it's not working on her Windows laptop. Anyone experience similar, and any ideas on what she needs to do to fix the issue, no issues my end, all is working fine, and I know her colleagues have had no issues. I'm at a loss as to what to suggest, as I've asked her to clear cache, make sure no ad blockers are running etc.
  17. In a few places, URLs are shown in single or as a list. It will be great to have an option to unescape them, like: https://www.bing.com/search?q=%E6%97%A5%E6%9C%AC%E8%AA%9E -------> https://www.bing.com/search?q=日本語 (Funny enough this forum does that if I choose "paste as plain text" which is wrong interpretation!)
  18. It will be a good idea to show the source of the location data (e.g. in Insight view). It can be from picture metadata, or may be IP address mapping, or something else (what). A small icon, or tooltip will be a good start.
  19. I recently looked into Magent Axiom and the Artifact Exchange ( https://www.magnetforensics.com/blog/artifact-exchange-now-open/ ). Is there any way to be able to import an XML report from Axiom and use some of those artifacts?
  20. It will be great to have the map display center on some configurable point and have some default zoom. Or is there any way to hack around that at the moment?
  21. Hi Dale, as Jon mentioned, we are adding AFF4 support to the next W4 release. Let me know if you'd like to be added to the list of beta testers and I can send you the email invite.
  22. Hi dale, We have added support for indexing AFF4 images to W4. This will be available in the next release (or, you can get a beta version earlier if you are on the beta testers list). The format will likely be ported to Intella in a future release.
  23. We are seeing AFF4 adoption increasing (Blackbab MacQusition, BlackLight). Any chance to have AFF4 container support in Intella? See http://www2.aff4.org/ Thank you!
  24. Do let us know if you want to be one of the first to try the new W4 features. W4 1.1.0 Release Highlights Highlights · Added recipes functionality. Recipe is a mechanism to configure and run searches based on common case types. W4 comes with several pre-configured recipes that allow to investigate some common cases in one click (such as IP Theft). · Added new categories (used in default recipes): o Emails and email attachments sent to personal accounts o Chat attachments and file transfers. o Common websites: webmail, social media, cloud usage, productivity. o Network share access. o Printed documents. o Last day, last week and odd hours activity. · Triage features: o W4 is now available as a portable app that can be run on any PC without installation. o W4 comes with an embedded software license that is valid for 1 year after the release date. o Added indexing a live running system (local physical or logical drive). o Added optional automatic RAM capture on startup. o Added an option to specify the exact categories that need to be processed. That allows to perform a quick scan. o Added search profiles. It allows to export all case settings to a template that can later be re-used in a new case. That includes preferences, keyword and hash lists, recipes, source settings, tags, reports. o Added triage launcher that allows to index a new PC in one click based on a pre-configured case template. o Added Acquisition tab which allows to acquire evidence. Supported evidence types: § Memory (RAM) § Physical and logical disks (E01, DD or AFF4) § Folders (ZIP with preserved locations and timestamps) § Common system files (ZIP with preserved locations and timestamps) · Added hash lists support (DeNISTing). · Thumbnails view improvements: Deduplication, Size filter, Sorting, Thumbnail size. · Added indexing AFF4 disk images. · Added indexing volume shadow copies. · Added indexing Window 10 timeline. · Added indexing MRU items (recent documents). · Extended keyword list functionality that allows to specify: o Where to search: file name only, metadata or metadata and text. o Which categories to search in. For example, it will allow to search in browser history only. For access to the beta please reply to this thread.
  25. Hi, You can split a PST export in to parts by size. More information is in Section 26.2.10 of the user manual.
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